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What Is Beauty?

The idea of beauty has been present since the beginning of man kind. Many people tend to misunderstood the idea of beauty. Because of the various views on the idea of beauty that different people are listening to, most of them end up giving up on the idea, or even are confused and frustrated. What if a person will walk straight to you and ask you to define the idea of beauty, will you have the answer for it? There might be some that would use the colors of the rainbow, or even the model they see on cover pages of famous magazines as reference to the idea of beauty. Some people might also refer to it as a soft melodic tune of music, or some romantic verse from a poetic person. You can use all the above mentioned as something that would define within the idea of beauty but one sure thing is that, beauty does not have an exact definition. You can also define beauty as one thing that is ideal and vague. Beauty can be one thing used to describe another thing. This definition of one thing about something will differ from a person to another person. Beauty is a feature about one thing that can give the feelings of satisfaction and pleasure, this is one definition that is quite known to many. So in order to identify that there is beauty in one thing, it must give stimulation to the senses to arouse the feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, and joy. So you should know by now that to judge beauty, you must receive the feeling of pleasure, or even fail to do so.

How will you know that the idea of beauty can be applied to a certain person? Before you say that someone is attractive and beautiful, are there factors that you need to consider? If you say that a person is beautiful, will he or she needs to be attractive? The above questions are complex and does not have a definite answer. There are a lot of factors that influence the views about the idea of beauty by most people nowadays. The cultural changes can be one of the factors. You should know that during the past, different cultures have different ideas about what beauty is. Plump women in some cultures are considered to be beautiful. So in some cultures, a common practice before marriage is to make the women fat. If you have a small feet, then you can be considered to be beautiful in some cultures. In the modern age of today, the ideas of what beauty is from the past has now changed. Many people nowadays have a usual way of defining something that is beautiful and that is mainly because of the changes in human interactions, and the advancement of technology. This is greatly influenced by the parameters set by top fashion houses.

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